Gabrielle is an international love, relationship, and dating coach who supports women in having the relationships they want through connecting to their feminine power. She teaches the ancient art of feminine and masculine energies that have been lost and ignored that make women irresistible to men. On top of being mentored and trained in the Rori Raye method, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has traveled the world from Europe to South America healing herself and learning from top business coaches, world famous hypnotherapists, energy workers, and Shamans. If you feel you keep ending up in the same dead-end relationships, Gabrielle will guide you to radically change your approach to dating and relationships – making it fun again! As a result of working with her, you start to attract higher quality men.

Other industry experts offer “the rules” and guidelines to follow, and those don’t work. Men can see a strategy and a plan from a mile away and they don’t like to feel gamed or controlled (which is masculine). There is a huge difference between playing hard to get and actually believing you have a high degree of worth so that a man desires to pursue and invest time in you. Gabrielle’s unique practices and meditations work instantly to make you more attractive just as you already are so that people want to be with you. This experience is available to ALL women. Gabrielle has guided women of all ages and backgrounds; from 16-65 and single, partnered, divorced, and married women.

While many coaches offer strategies and systems (a masculine quality), Gabrielle teaches and models the power of reconnecting with your deep feminine essence. She practices what she teaches on a daily basis in her relationships with men and everyone. She is the real deal! She teaches you the practices and tools necessary to connect with men in a way that is easeful, full of heart, and connects you with what matters most – trust in yourself and men and how to surrender to high quality men joyfully. She teaches you how to be playful, mysterious, and exploratory. Working with Gabrielle connects you with your wise intuition so you know how to talk to men and how to be irresistible in their presence in such a way that men can’t help but give to you. That’s Modern Femininity! She restores the power in the feminine.

As a coach she listens deeply to women, cares for them in ways that they crave (and then carry over into their relationships), holds them accountable, and shows women what it is feels like to receive. To receive is the most life changing experience for women.

“Gabrielle Grae is an outstanding coach, very talented and pleasurable to work with due to her magnetic personality, high vibration and big heart. She has an innate ability of listening to people, tuning into their energy and reading in between the lines - that’s what a client gets by working with her. Along her human abilities and talent she truly masters her work, practicing it with diligence and devotion. Her dedication, passion, experience and inner beauty distinguishes her among the masses. She is with no doubt the go to love coach! I feel truly blessed for having worked with her, for being part of her Modern Femininity group that adds consistent value to my life and - on the top of all this - for considering her to be a friend.
I can’t thank you enough Gabrielle!”

Mariana GraceExecutive Coach & Hypnotherapist

“Gabrielle made me feel safe and understood.

She truly gets you and has the right words at the right time.Using her experience and own success story as an inspiring example.

She is incredibly kind and understanding. And at the same time tells you exactly what she sees is going on.
Her on point advice and practical instructions on how to solve things effectively are a lifesaver to love and relationships. I would recommend her immediately.
I could not have managed my current situation without her coaching in such an insightful, productive, self loving way.
Thank you so much Gabrielle”

Anna, Ireland

“Gabrielle opened my eyes to the entire idea of feminine and masculine energies - specifically inspiring me to be in my feminine in order to attract a high value masculine energy man. From her tools and practices, to words of wisdom, she is truly a magnificent and knowledgeable coach who empowers women, all while allowing us to lean back and receive.”

Carlle, Vancouver Canada

“I started working with Gabrielle very shortly after I separated from my husband. She helped me to reconnect with my femininity and pick up the pieces. She was there for me and with me during my divorce and has continued to give me support as I now navigate the dating world again! And has helped me make dating again easy and fun! Another side effect of my work with Gabrielle is that the anxiety I’ve had for my entire life has melted away. It’s incredible- even after years on meds and working with a therapist I couldn’t move past the anxiety I felt. Now I’m off all medication and don’t need to go to a therapist- instead I use the visualizations and tools I’ve learned from Gabrielle if I do start having those feelings creep back. I can’t say enough about how working with Gabrielle has changed my life for the better!”

Sara, Florida

“Gabrielle Gray has changed my life by opening the doors and giving me the tools for necessary deep healing that I've needed in order to allow pure loving energy to flow into my life again. Her teachings have shown me a better way to lead in life as a feminine goddess and through this, attract my dream life in love, relationships and career.”

Alyse, Vancouver Canada

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Who is Gabrielle?

Gabrielle Grae is the founder of Modern Femininity, where she helps women master art of energy to get everything they want in love and life. With a unique coaching style she embodies a gentleness that will immediately put you at ease and holds the space for major shifts to happen.

If you want to move quickly towards embodying your most confident, grounded, radiant, magnetic and irresistible self, then you are in the right place.

Gabrielle can help guide you through the dating process in a way where you’ll no longer feel confused about men’s behavior or have to risk heartbreak. Instead, dating will become therapeutic, fun, empowering and crystal clear. She used this method herself and attracted increasingly higher quality men until she met her one in New York City, and was married within the year.

Gabrielle supports all women, from doctors, lawyers, and high level executives to healers and coaches.

A client, who is a top CEO, states that “Gabrielle’s work has done more for my anxiety in 2 sessions than a lifetime of tradition therapy and medication”.

After working with Gabrielle for a month, an intimacy coach says “She speaks my language and teaches what I teach except she is teaching me lots of new practices. More nourishing than anything, I DON’T HAVE TO THINK. She has my back. She holds space for me. She is my light. I trust her and I rely on her.”

She looks forward to working with you and seeing you have everything you want in love and life.

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This group is for the modern woman who knows deep down she deserves to have it all: a great career, a fulfilling life, and of course… an AMAZING relationship!

This is a group for women who know that they can conquer the world…and yet would like to discover how the same energy that makes us successful in life (business, home, health goals, parenting, fitness) is NOT the path to have a vibrant relationship with a strong and committed masculine energy partner.

Countless women who have joined have reconnected to their powerful feminine energy, stopped working so hard at love and starting to lean back & receive.

This group is a unique, supportive community of women who inspire each other with their courage, vulnerability and commitment to growth.

Do you desires continued expansion in an abundance mindset for life and love?
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Self-Love by Design

Getting your inner girl (feminine energy) and inner boy (masculine energy) to work together to create the best level of self-care you’ve ever experienced.
A practical and quick guide to reframe self care in a way that adds ripples of value that go well beyond drinking your 8 glasses of water/day.

Dating By Design

Introduces women to my signature method on dating from a place of feminine energy to attract a masculine man. Bonus: juicy ritual to instantly become a total man-magnet.
Basic steps on how to shift mindset while dating to make it fun. How to get the most out of every date- even the worst! Easy test to see if he’s 2nd date worthy.

Get in the Driver’s seat and HEAL

With the popularity of personal development and positivity, the persistence of the inner critic leads to major self doubt. Let’s talk ego integration.
Immense relief finding out there’s nothing wrong with them and they’re not “messing up” personal development. My #1 tool to handle the inner critic.

The Art of Attraction

How to manifest anything you want in love and in life using visualization. The importance of how your feel in largely underrated in this topic.
Basic steps and The #1 killerer to any manifestation, and how to turn it around! I’m talking about the secret behind The Secret.

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“Gabrielle, your magnific speech at IR Live event in October, opened my eyes to how unbalanced I'd been handling my relationships in the past! It was so revealing to see it clear how important this kind of ping-pong between men and women is, taking into account how different we both are from each other. Thank you! It was a huge learning.”


“I first met Gaby during Infinite Receiving Live 2.0 and since then I have been following your FB page. I love the content and I am now more conscious of my feminine and masculine energy.
It is to find the best way to use them.”

Erika Sanchez

“I met you at the Infinite Receiving Live Event in Texas, last october 2017 and since there, something in my head made clic, I always have had serious issues to find love, a man and I realized that my energy is really masculine because I had to take care of my family when my Dad died. I became the man of the house, I didn't know how the femininity energy works and I am glad to learn more about it with you. Thank you Gabrielle. ”


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