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“Gabrielle Grae is an outstanding coach, very talented and pleasurable to work with due to her magnetic personality, high vibration and big heart. She has an innate ability of listening to people, tuning into their energy and reading in between the lines - that’s what a client gets by working with her. Along her human abilities and talent she truly masters her work, practicing it with diligence and devotion. Her dedication, passion, experience and inner beauty distinguishes her among the masses. She is with no doubt the go to love coach! I feel truly blessed for having worked with her, for being part of her Modern Femininity group that adds consistent value to my life and - on the top of all this - for considering her to be a friend.
I can’t thank you enough Gabrielle!”

Mariana GraceExecutive Coach & Hypnotherapist

“Gabrielle made me feel safe and understood.

She truly gets you and has the right words at the right time.Using her experience and own success story as an inspiring example.

She is incredibly kind and understanding. And at the same time tells you exactly what she sees is going on.
Her on point advice and practical instructions on how to solve things effectively are a lifesaver to love and relationships. I would recommend her immediately.
I could not have managed my current situation without her coaching in such an insightful, productive, self loving way.
Thank you so much Gabrielle”

Anna, Ireland

“Gabrielle opened my eyes to the entire idea of feminine and masculine energies - specifically inspiring me to be in my feminine in order to attract a high value masculine energy man. From her tools and practices, to words of wisdom, she is truly a magnificent and knowledgeable coach who empowers women, all while allowing us to lean back and receive.”

Carlle, Vancouver Canada

“I started working with Gabrielle very shortly after I separated from my husband. She helped me to reconnect with my femininity and pick up the pieces. She was there for me and with me during my divorce and has continued to give me support as I now navigate the dating world again! And has helped me make dating again easy and fun! Another side effect of my work with Gabrielle is that the anxiety I’ve had for my entire life has melted away. It’s incredible- even after years on meds and working with a therapist I couldn’t move past the anxiety I felt. Now I’m off all medication and don’t need to go to a therapist- instead I use the visualizations and tools I’ve learned from Gabrielle if I do start having those feelings creep back. I can’t say enough about how working with Gabrielle has changed my life for the better!”

Sara, Florida

“Gabrielle Gray has changed my life by opening the doors and giving me the tools for necessary deep healing that I've needed in order to allow pure loving energy to flow into my life again. Her teachings have shown me a better way to lead in life as a feminine goddess and through this, attract my dream life in love, relationships and career.”

Alyse, Vancouver Canada